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What we do

(we do it for you)

This site is the hub of activity for all things home grown music. Our main purpose is to bring the best of new and upcoming Australian music to our community. We want to give the small bands around Australia the opportunity that they crave along with the audience that they deserve. This is a place where all are welcome to celebrate and support Aussie music. It’s here where you can create a connection with your favourite band or the new and upcoming. Our community offers a chance to listen to the newest music, watch highlights from concerts, buy tickets to live shows, get you hand on some merchandise, read the latest reviews from our experts and heaps more.

You Guys

(you get all the benifits)

We do everything to benefit our community. We are bringing the freshest and newest in Aussie music right to your desktop. We will help you in being able to keep up with some of the artists that you already like and follow as well as find new artists that you enjoy just as much. You can search for and develop your pallet to create your ideal playlist. You can tailor what music shows up on our site by liking songs and then ones that are similar can be posed to you. What we want for you is to develop a connection with the artists that you love through seeing them live, getting their merchandise or listen to the newest releases.

The Artists

(well, they're the best)

It’s true, we would be nothing without them and it’s the only reason we exist. All we want to do is provide them with a platform to access the audience that they deserve. These small bands need our help to keep making music and the only way that we can do this is by supporting them, through live sets and merchandise. Become a part of our journey and help us in supporting the newest in young and upcoming Aussie bands. We don’t work to benefit ourselves, we want to build up those that don’t get the opportunity. We all appreciate the support from everyone whether the contribution be big or small.